About me

Hi there!

Firstly, thank you for your interest to know a bit more about me.

How I am?

I am an agile project manager, entrepreneur and, on top of all that, I am a proud father and a happy husband.

I am a person that strongly believe that we can always make things better, and I love the idea to put in practice something new that I have just learned.

I am PMI-st and agilist with 18+ years of experience that combines entrepreneurship, startups management, business consulting and agile project management.

I think that continuous improvement is more than a process, it is a mindset.

I am convinced that diversity is a personal and organizational asset, not only in terms of culture but also in terms of knowledge. This is why, stop learning is not an option for me.

In a nutshell, I have added to my professional profile the following knowledge areas:

  • PMP, Prince2 project management certified
  • SAFe / agile program management certified
  • Design thinking executive program
  • Digital marketing certification
  • Business strategy and finance license
  • Web development program

Currently, I combine these topics in my daily activities as agile project managers and in my personal ventures like the creation of this blog.

In what concerns project management and agility, I am convince that PMP and agile methodologies can, should and probably must be used together. In article “PMP-PMI vs agile project management: which one is better?” I give a view about how I take the best of both universe in my daily life as agile project manager.

As agile project manager, I am in my journey to be a better servant leader, while I am working on two projects about digital transformation and organizational change management for an European organization.

Topics such as recommendation systems, CRO analysis, trial system, implementation of digital freemium products, web analytics and dashboarding, learning cycles, people management are part of my daily live while I am rolling out my deliverables in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

If you want to know more about me, give a look to my Linkedin profile and contact me.



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