How to create project planning in agile projects

On this post I write about how I create project planning for my agile projects.

Yes, even if I use agile-scrum to deliver, I still need to create project plannings represented in Gantt chart.

In my post “Why is planning in agile projects still needed?” I share more thoughts about why.

Let’s focus on how to create project planning in agile projects:

There are some preconditions to make this work:

  • A well defined product oriented workbreakdown structure
  • A Gantt charts tool like MS Project
  • An agile project management tools like Target Process or Jira
  • Review the working agreements with the analysts or product owners to ensure the good communication flow and usage of the tools

Project planning based on a product oriented breakdown structure

I will use as example the creation of a website for renting rooms.

The product oriented WBS or PWS looks like this:


Far from being perfect, but for the aim of this post is enough

Let’s continue this example with the planning of the homepage, that consist on several components.

In this case, to structure my project planning in this agile project, I consider this level of detail of the WBS enough.

I will add more details in my user story map.

A project planning Gantt chart for my agile project:

As I use the Gantt chart to communicate mostly with management-level stakeholders, I don’t add to much level of detail to under my workpackage.

In this case is use only Design, Development and Rollout to monitor the progress of each workpackage.

My project planning on MS project looks like this so far:

Project planning structure on MS project for an agile project

To be continued . . .