New Project Managers this blog is for you!

I was part of the group of new project managers that was already a senior business consultant and entrepeneur.

I quick realised that my previous professional experience was not enough to directly perform 100% as project manager.

As consultant, I was always supporting my project managers in coordination, scope management, and so on, but, once alone, I realised that project management is more than that.

So, I started to look for very practical information that helps me in my day to day (or even hour to hour) as new project manager. This is what you will find here in this blog

What will you find on this blog for new project managers?

You will find:

  • The steps and examples to create a product oriented work breakdown structure
  • How to use MS Project together with other tools like Target Process, Jira, and so on
  • How I use custom fields on MS Project to meet management and operational communication needs
  • Examples of how I use gantt charts and kanban boards to manage and control the schedule
  • Design thinking outlines that you can use to organize your retrospectives
  • Examples of a communication plan: what to put in there, the granularity, templates, etc
  • Post about how I use frameworks like PMP to manage agile projects (with examples of course)
  • And much more

You will find hands-on content based on my experience and based on what I would like to find as information when I was a new project manager.

So, you will find LEGO® manuals on this blog

In my ideal world, I would like my posts to be like a LEGO® manual:

  • First, you look at it while you are building the Lego for the first time
  • Then you will use it just partially
  • And at the end you will even find your own way to build the Lego.

I was part of the new project managers community

Today, I manage projects in some European countries, I manage my own personal projects (like this blog), and I do that using different frameworks and agile methodologies.

I think that new project managers must do their best to learn about this new role, doesn’t matter role they had before, and how good they are in their previous roles.

Help me to make this blog better

There are some small things you can do to help me to make this blog better:

  • Answer the one or two questions surveys inside the posts that helps me to understand the audience of the blog
  • Give me your feedback in the comments
  • Ask questions
  • Share your experience

I believe in learning by doing, and also in learning by sharing.