Why this blog?

Let’s keep it simple, there are two main reasons:

  • To read and act
  • Because giving is receiving

1. To read and act

I strongly believe in the benefits of using existing frameworks to improve our way of working. It makes sense to me to take advantage of this collective intelligence.

As I am passionate about the innovation and project management topics, I enjoy reading or watching videos about these topics.

I have found that, despite the interesting way to describe the frameworks, despite the examples provided, it was not always easy to start using this new knowledge into the day to day activities. Specially for those who are new in the role of project manager or for business analysts with some project management tasks to be done.

So, I am writting expecting these pages to be an actionable guideline, based on real examples, that can be using while managing a project.

I agree that every project is unique. I do not know how it works for your, but in my case, there are always some activities that I automatically do that helps me to be up and running faster.

2. Because giving is receiving

Comments are a great way to receive feedback and to have to opportunity to know how other point of views.

On top of that, writing makes me think about how I did in the past. To understand what went well and what when wrong.

Sharing with you give me the opportunity to run my own retrospective, to get the lessons learned and to make it better next time.

Because all that, I am writing this blog, hoping that these lines will help you.